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Originally from Santiago, Chile, and currently living in Montreal, Quebec. Catalina Galan's career as a tattoo artist began when she decided to mix some of her favorite things together: getting tattoos, being creative, and expressing herself trough art. She started as an apprentice in Guarralupe Tattoo under Daniela Pabst, in 2012.

Since then she has worked in Caos Tattoo Chile (Santiago); Nuestra Señora Tattoo (Santiago); and currently in Studio Artease (Montreal), where she is part of an amazing team of artists. She has participated in the Art Tattoo Montreal Convetion, the Northern Ink Xposure in Toronto, Expo de Artes y Tatuajes Chile in Valparaiso, and other tattoo conventions.

Her style is mainly blackwork, being pointillism and linework her main and preferred techniques. Her well balanced geometric and organic designs flow with the body, be them small or big, simple or filled with details.



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